Installing wash basin taps

Also called hand basin taps, wash basin taps are traditional taps that have separate hot and cold taps to fit distinct basin sizes. Though they are extremely important, these are also the most ignored part of bathroom design. You have different styles and sizes to choose from, which makes basin taps installations slightly challenging. We install all kinds of taps, such as basin wall-mounted taps, pillar taps and monobloc taps, which instantly enhance your bathroom’s look.

Whether you’re deciding upon building a new bathroom or a complete refurbishment, you must choose the right basin taps mixer or basin lever taps for your bathroom. In this guide, we’ll talk about why it’s so important in the first place. When you’re looking for the right basin tap, you must consider the style, finish, location and water pressure when you’re mounting the tap.

What are the different kinds of basin taps?

At Leaking Tap Experts, there are experts who can help you find the right taps for basin tap installation, ranging across traditional and contemporary styles. Examples include pillar, mixer and monobloc. Monobloc basin taps have a single spout for one tap-hole sink, which delivers a mix of cold and hot water. The water’s temperature and flow are controlled by the single-lever handle. Bathroom taps mixer has separate controls for cold and hot water, which suit three-hole and two-hole basin styles – including those with lever or cross-head handles.

Basin lever taps are the easiest to fit and the most affordable, and the pair features separate cold and hot water attachments. They are available in both traditional and modern styles and are suitable for two tap-hole basins. Wall-mounted basin taps create a neat and streamlined finish that is suitable for countertop basins without tap-holes, against best for contemporary bathrooms. High-rise basin taps are available in various styles (including the waterfall design), which are suitable for countertop sinks.

How to choose new taps?

As you’ll be using basin taps quite regularly, you must know which taps would suit your bathroom requirements. While waterfall taps add a chic designer style, cross-head taps lend an elegant and timeless look. They should have the right pressure for your home’s water system; for example, low-pressure water systems only require basin taps that work with low pressure. On the other hand, combination, pumped and mains-fed boilers are high-pressure systems.

Experiment with different finishes such as black, chrome and white. Chrome seamlessly blends with different bathroom showers and accessories, but white adds chicness and black adds a designer touch.

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