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Tap spindles refer to rounded wooden rods that taper towards each end and are commonly used in bathroom and kitchen faucets. As they are made to be durable, they last for about 10 years. However, if you observe cracks and discolouration, get them repaired by experts of leaking tap spindles in North Shores. Other damaged products that must be replaced include tap O-rings, clips, washers, valves and screws. Tap spindle Replaces are needed in the case of malfunctioning too, where the tap spindle controls the water flow by moving or turning.

When would you need repair or tap spindle Replace?

Undertake tap spindle Replace or repair when you notice a tap leaking from the spindle, which causes water to seep down the faucet body and exit when you turn on the valve. Leakage is possible due to a worn-out inner cartridge, along with the valve cartridge and O-ring as well.

How do you repair the tap spindle?

To repair a leaking tap spindle in Northern Beaches, remove the tap’s cover and handle using a spanner. Undo the screw and remove the handle, then unscrew the tap bonnet and remove the headgear. Replace the O-ring, jumper valve and body washer and refit the spindle and bonnet.

Why should you get your tap spindle repairs at Leaking Taps?

As leaking taps are a common plumbing issue, you must only avail quality and experienced repair and Replace. Our services range across outdoor taps, commercial taps, kitchen taps and outdoor taps. Our team is available at your service with same-day repair schemes as well to quickly and efficiently ensure that your plumbing issues are fixed. You’ll receive fast and excellent customer service through our licenced and qualified plumbers who work in industrial, commercial and residential establishments.