Understanding mixer taps

There are hundreds of taps in the market, which is why you need to know the right tap for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. They offer versatility and style to your space and provide both hot and cold water from a single pout. You don’t want separate hot and cold water taps, which saves space and money. You can adjust the water’s temperature to reach your desired level, which is the best choice for homeowners and business owners all over the world. Mixer taps have two different water sources, which explains how it brings in hot and cold water at the same time.

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Understanding how mixer taps work?

Though some sinks come with separate faucets for hot and cold water, mixer taps work with adjustable temperature water from a single faucet. When you have a double-handled setup, you have two handles that correspond to cold and hot water for the right amount of temperature. When you turn the handle for hot water, more of the water flowing to the faucet comes from the hot water source and vice versa.

Mixer taps have a pressure balance valve, which is why the temperature remains at the specified level irrespective of the pressure in either the cold or hot water sources. If you don’t know how to fix a wall mix tap in your bathroom, laundry and kitchen, excessive water usage (spillage/leak) from either source can cause temperature imbalances. Mixer taps are available as pull-out spray taps, wall-mounted taps, single-lever taps, two-handle and monobloc taps.

What are the benefits of mixer taps?

Mixer taps are available in different styles, which is the most suitable for the kitchen’s décor. Apart from mixing together the desired temperature level of water, you’ll find classic arches and contemporary lines that elevate its aesthetics. Handles vary from traditional rotating handles to levers that are lifted to control the flow, along with other fancier options. Mixer taps work well on both bathtubs and bathroom sinks, which is further improved with a shower mixer.

Save money and time on separating hot water and cold water taps, as you can control the water temperature in your facilities. Mixer taps are easy to use, especially, if you choose a single-lever model. Also, it prevents undue water wastage by using a flow limiter as well. Due to the constant use of hot water, mixer taps also prevent contamination due to germs and bacteria.

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