A Leaking Tap Should Be Repaired Immediately Why?

A frequent household issue that many people tend to ignore or put off is fixing a leaking tap. But if ignored, even a seemingly insignificant nuisance can have far-reaching effects. In addition to wasting water, a leaky tap can cause a number of additional problems, such as increased water bills and possible property damage. In this post, we'll examine the reasons why leaking taps need to be fixed right away as well as the various types of leaky taps and their potential effects.

Avoid Mold And Water Damage

If you allow the tap that is leaking untreated, the higher chance is that what began as a minor leak may lead to mould growth as well as water damage and dampness. The dampness and mould can be a source of health concerns if allowed to grow and spread in the home. Some of the ailments that the damp and mould can create and contribute to include:

Asthma and breathing issues, skin and throat irritation as well as Nasal stuffiness and sinus trouble.

The symptoms will get worse in those who have asthma or have chronic lung diseases. The health of your family isn't the only primary problem with dampness or mould where they are in the picture. Long-term dealing with the issues is just going add more cost to get them sorted out. We suggest you repair your tap that is leaking before you tackle the source of the issue!

A Leaking Tap Should Be Repaired Immediately Why

To prevent any more problems, you should replace the complete faucet head if your faucet is starting to leak.  You can be searching for a standard replacement tap or something more specialized, attractive, smooth, or fashionable. You can browse through a variety of taps that our specialists have in their trucks.

It's Eco-Friendly

The problem is that fixing a leaky tap is good for the environment as well as your house. Even while it might not seem like much, the few drops of water that leak every minute or so do matter. More than 10,000 gallons of water might be lost annually due to leaks in a typical residence.

Use this drips calculator to calculate it for yourself. You may calculate how much water is being lost by entering the number of leaking faucets, the number of households, and the approximate frequency at which it drips.


You Can Save On Your Water Bill

Your leaky tap may be harming Mother Nature, but do you know what the other problem is? The wallet! You'll spend less on water costs the sooner you can get your leak fixed. If this doesn't seem like a justification as good as the others, we're not sure what would.

It's Not Too Expensive

Leaky taps are not anyone's idea of fun, but they are actually affordable and simple to fix when it comes to costs. Leaky faucets are a very common plumbing problem. Our staff at Worry Free Plumbing has honed the craft of repairing leaks to a fine art. You can rely on us, we're sure of it.

Health Hazards

Instead of the mildew, mould, and other material damages that leaks cause, it's more often the leak itself that can endanger your health or the health of your family. The issues may not be discovered until they have caused costly damage or dangerous infections to spread throughout your home's foundations and structures.

Mycotoxins, which mould produces, are dangerous compounds that are a particular concern. These may result in breathing problems, allergic responses, and hypersensitivity. Additionally, stagnant water can cause accidents and encourage the growth of unwanted insects and pathogens around your home or place of business. By getting a professional to look at the leaks in your taps or pipes as soon as you notice them, the possible problems can be avoided.

Save Water

Up to 20,000 litres of water can be lost annually due to leaks in pipes or faucets. We are located in Adelaide, the state with the highest level of aridity on the planet's driest continent. If left unattended, even a minor leak can have a significant impact on the environment.

Everyone in Adelaide should take action to do their part to safeguard the water resources we have in light of the effects of climate change, droughts, and an expanding population beginning to have an impact on the natural environment around us. 

Although it is a great idea and useful to conserve water in every aspect of your home, helping to do so can be as simple as hiring a licensed Adelaide plumber to fix your tap leak!

Saving Money

The cost of water utilities has skyrocketed in Adelaide due to climate change, declining precipitation averages, and a rise in the demand for water resources. South Australians routinely pay more for their water usage than the rest of the nation, and costs are going up.

When you consider the volume of water that a leaking tap may use in a year, Families simply cannot afford to ignore this cost. This might add $100 to your yearly water bill, even with the minimum volume of SA Water charges. Other expenses that a leaking tap may incur are not included in this. The cost of repairs will go up if the leak is allowed to persist for a long enough period of time. If this happens, the tap may need to be replaced entirely.

Structural Damage

If the leaky taps are not fixed, your home may sustain structural damage. Damage to the floors or the foundation is a possibility. It can become hard to live in the house for a short while if it's ignored for a long enough time.

If you've ever experienced flooding in your home or building, you know it's a time-consuming, expensive process without a guarantee of a rapid fix. Calling a plumbing expert to handle the issue now instead of putting it off will only cost a minor amount compared to the potential harm to your home down the road.

Your Rights And Your Obligations

If you are the property owner where you reside, SA Water has a customer charter outlining the requirements you must follow in order to continue receiving water. Even if leaking faucets aren't mentioned specifically, one prerequisite for a constant supply of water is the maintenance of your home's plumbing system.

The lease agreement you have if you are renting your property almost certainly forbids anyone from doing routine repairs to your residence. These guidelines are meant to protect both you and the property's owner from potential losses resulting from financial disagreements or mistakes made during repair work. Residential tenants are responsible for the costs of upkeep of a home (commercial leases vary) and are required to take care of this by hiring qualified professionals as soon as feasible.


The leaky tap should not be ignored, even if it seems to be a small one. The potential for environmental harm to buildings and other property, water waste, and higher water pricing Delaying tap repair may have detrimental effects. Whether the leak is coming from the handle of a mixer tap, an outdoor tap, a bathroom tap, or any other place, fixing it once will help you save water, stop further damage and promote environmentally responsible water use. Remember to perform routine maintenance and inspections to make sure all the taps in your house are in good working order in order to prevent unnecessary water wastage and potential issues in the future.